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Deadly Intent S.22 Ep.3

Kimberly and Katie recap and discuss the explosive episode Deadly Intent, hosted by their special friend Josh Mankiewicz! It’s a case of car bombs, sweet moms, Larrys, invisible Jerrys, prison interviews, Kimberly’s latest ailment and very helpful witness with a very questionable nickname. Please enjoy this very special episode of A Date with Dateline and Merry Christmas Movie Houuuuse!

Official Description from NBC:

A car bomb explodes in front of a suburban San Diego day care home. Josh Mankiewicz reports on the driver, a married mother of three children.

BONUS Episode: Q and A with Kimberly and Katie

In this special one off episode, Kimberly and Katie answer listener questions. Will Kimberly be able to finally tell her infamous Jacuzzi story (to its horrific conclusion)? Will listing all her favorite TV shows prove to be a task to far for Katie’s fragile perfectionist psyche? Will Kimberly and Katie reveal their origin story and will it be pretty much a major disappointment? Which one of the hosts most resembles a character from Bob’s Burgers? YOU be the judge and jury in the case of the unanswered questions. Please enjoy this K and K: Q and A session of A Date with Dateline.