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K&K Special Series Alert: A DATE WITH THE BAKE -S.7 Cake Week

Hold onto your Chelsea buns! Kimberly and Katie are branching out from the usual crime and punishment rough stuff to a more delicious type of rough puff. For this series we are delighting in the return of The Great British Bake Off, with sugar dusted recaps and discussion with just a pinch of snark. Not too much snark or you’ll have a snarky bottom. We’re dishing on all the things you love about Bake Off— the properly British, mostly disguised (but sometimes not) innuendo, Noel’s perfect comic timing and choice of sweaters, and the always heart-stopping Hollywood handshake, usually following one or ten of his disapproving death stares. Join us in acting like we know what we’re talking about when it comes to flour choices (isn’t semolina a country?), proving times for a proper loaf, and praising bakers along the way for their use of bold spices like our palettes might well be just as refined as the mighty Prue. What is a claggy frangipane genoise, you might ask, and am I in the emergency room or a patisserie if I am having one? Never fear, all the mysteries of pastry will be revealed in…no, no they won’t. But, that’s why we are on the couch and not in the Bake Off tent.

In this first installment of A Date with The Bake!- Cake Week- Kimberly and Katie are ready to delve into the sticky (toffee pudding) underbelly of the UK’s most famous competition baking show. Ok, maybe not so much investigative reporting as gabbing and reviewing  This Series 7 opener introduces the 13 new bakers to the tent, involves fruitcake that isn’t the least bit stale and gives us a good glimpse into Noel Fielding’s aesthetic for the season. So strap into your aprons, preheat those ovens and on your mark, get set- ADATEWITHBAKE!